Conservatory Styles

Edwardian ConservatoriesEdwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian conservatory style is a popular choice as its square edges make the most use of your space. The square or rectangular floor plan may also benefit the way you layout your furniture. Edwardian can be designed to fit almost any property. Edwardian conservatories can be designed to go length ways across the back of your property or can cover less of the property and go further into your garden. For bungalows the use of a box gutter means there are no height restrictions. Edwardian conservatories represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and function and an ideal way to extend your property in style.

Gable ConservatoriesGable End Conservatories

The Gable end conservatory is like the Edwardian design but with the front elevation extending straight up from the windows to the apex of the roof. This gives a striking eye catching design from any angle. Like the Edwardian the design maximises floor area. The Gable end conservatory will look stunning in any size from small to large. The shape of the Gable End can be manufactured in various designs from sunburst to vertical bars and many other impressive options.

Victorian ConservatoriesVictorian Conservatories

The Victorian Conservatory gives flexibility to fit whatever space is available. With 3 and 5 faceted versions available you can create a structure that perfectly complements the architecture of your property and its space. French doors can be designed so to open up onto your patio area. Victorian conservatories can be fitted to any property even bungalows and the angle of the roof can be altered or box gutters used to make this possible.

P Shaped ConservatoriesP Shaped Conservatories

The P-shaped conservatorty is a combination of two styles, the Victorian or Edwardian with the lean-to to create an attractive conservatory which offers the possibility of two different areas inside. In addition to p-shapes T and B shaped conservatories can be designed giving you freedom to create the space you've dreamt of.

Lean To ConservatoriesLean To Conservatories

The lean-to conservatory is still a popular design today and makes the best use of available space. The lean-to conservatory can be designed to run across the back of your property and be designed in any shape, bringing a luxurious link between your indoor and outdoor space. The angle of the roof can be changed to alter the look of the design. With a contemporary look that can be built with either a dwarf wall of have glass from floor to ceiling.

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