Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is aluminium glazed frames fitted to the inside of your property against your existing windows and is ideal if your existing windows cannot be removed, such as windows in listed buildings, or you do want to replace your existing windows. The additional glazing will increase the thermal properties as well as reduce the noise level of your existing windows.

Secondary glazing is designed to blend in with your existing windows and being made from aluminium the framework is slim line in appearance. Vertical and horizontal bars can be designed to be inline with your existing window framework and various colours are available including white, silver and brown. Toughened safety glass or patterned glass can also be fitted along with clip or fitch locks if required.

Secondary glazing units are fitted from inside your property and the frame is either fixed to your existing window frame or into the reveal plasterwork. They are designed to seal against the plaster or against your existing window. Polypropylene weather pile is against sliding panes.

The following types and designs are available:

Two And Three Pane Sliders

Horizontal sliding panes slide easily side ways on skids. All panes can slide or combinations of sliders and fixed panes can be specified. As the panes slide sideways they will not open into your living space.

Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliding panes will match existing Georgian Box sash windows. For small windows shoot bolts can be fitted or for larger windows Spiral balances can be fitted to hold the weight of the sliding panes.

Lift Outs And Hinged

Panes can be lifted out for access or for cleaning and lifted back into position. Hinged panes are hinged on one side and open into you room for easy access or to clean your existing windows.

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